Lump on Gums Evaluation 

The presence of lump which is of any color and with or without pus indicates to range of conditions related to mouth and other body organs. Though it is not a rare occurrence but it could denote array of serious underlying conditions that need proper treatment and early diagnosis. The lump could be a mass that has gathered around the gums due to infection or other conditions. They could also be visible if the person is undergoing hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause or other situations. In most of the cases these indicate towards non-serious occurrence whereas only few could indicate towards mouth or gum cancer. In some cases it indicates abscess of the gums or teeth due to old injury or neglected tear in the skin or lining of mouth. A growth in mouth is not always alarming because it may indicate towards non-cancerous conditions that could be treated with medication. Here are some conditions that might cause lump on lower gums.


Due to some allergic foods or other components the gums might get irritated with the contact of specific element. This irritation could lead to a growth around the gums if the irritation persists for a longer time. This is actually a work of our immune system that gets false message of antigen attack. If the irritation remains for a time more than several months then it might suggest towards cancer and needs complete evaluation.

Canker sores

These are form of ulcers that could be found all over the mouth and might appear as lump over the gums. These could be caused by vaiorus reasons such as consumption of spicy food, excessive body heat or infection. These are often painful and are present beneath the lining of lips from the inner side. In normal terms these are known as ulcers wihc are if appear like a small crater could be treated at home.


This is a type of gum disease that occurs due to bacterial growth in the mouth and slowly destroys the surrounding tissues and mass material. It usually starts with inflammation of gums which later carried on to eruption and periodontitis (tissue destruction). This also makes the lower gums or other gums to swell to great extent which could be an indication of starting treatment.

Tooth extraction

It is said that immediately after tooth extraction a small lump kind of mass develops in the area. Therefore if you have your teeth extracted from in recent times then it might be the reasons for lump on numbness in arms lower gums.

Apart from these reasons some boils or cysts also causes the lumpish growth in gums which should be treated immediately.