Explanations For All Kinds Of Chest Pain 

If you are having weird pain in your chest and worried of it could be due to heart attack then take a note of different kinds of pain and their explanations given below. Chest pain is doubtlessly a sensitive issue that needs immediate attention but many a times it is caused by ordinary conditions in body that are not serious or do not cause any serious effect. The chest pain could be of varying types and degrees such as throbbing pain, piercing pain, burning pain, pinching pain and so many. All these have different root cause in the body pain in left shoulder that could be detected with associated symptoms. The importance is to judge the severity and reason of the pain rather than panicking about it. Major patient panic thinking that they are actually having heart attack so to release form the misery here are some common forms of chest pain and its explanation.

Piercing chest pain

This type of pain is often associated with other symptoms such as difficulty in breathing or pain while inhaling or exhaling. The pain also aggravates when you try to move from the position or try to sit up or walk or perform other activities. This is nothing but a common condition termed as precordial catch syndrome. This pain generally disappears when the patient attempts to take deep breath. This kind of pain is generally common near the place where your heart is situated and that is to the left side. It will recur continuously until the disease is completely treated.

Burning chest pain

This type of pain is usually experienced by number of people and misjudges it for heart troubles. This is caused by acidity and is often associated with discomfort in stomach. This is caused when the level of acid is increased in the stomach that affects the heart.

Pinching sensation in chest

The sensation like someone is pinching your chest is very unlikely to happen but if it happens it is accompanied by the emotional aspect. Many patients complain that when they are upset they get the pinching sensation in chest. This is largely related to a kind of cardiac disorder which needs to be checked and ruled out. When the person is depressed his heart would palpate at great rate and this is often felt as a pinching in the chest.

Center of chest feels bruised

This is also a rare occurrence and is always related to heart problems or immediate heart condition. In some heart attacks previous to the actual arrest some people feel as if the center of the chest is bruised.

Some of the above conditions are very serious and need immediate attention.