Causes of Red Bumps on Breasts 

Generally speaking, any change in the breast tissue and any condition affecting the breast should be a sing of concern. Breast cancer usually has no symptoms in its early stages, but anything involving the breast should be analyzed by a doctor in order to exclude dangerous conditions. Many women experience red spots on breast or small red bump on breast without this being life-threatening in any way. Any condition of the skin that affects the upper part of the body can also be visible on the breast. It is important for all women to learn how to differentiate an inoffensive small red bump on breast from a dangerous one. If they are not sure about it, it might be best to see a doctor just to be on the safe side.

Here is a list with the most common causes of a small red bump on breast and of red spots on breast:

  • Eczema - this is one of the most common causes that can change the condition of skin. It can appear on only one breast or on both. Especially women who have suffered of eczema before should be able to recognize another outbreak. However, eczema characterized by a small red bump on breast which is located close to the nipple on only one breast should send the sufferer to the doctor because it might signalize something more serious. Eczema can also affect the entire upper part of the body and can result in red spots on breast.
  • Paget Disease - this is a very serious medical condition and it should be diagnosed as early as possible. Any small red bump on breast which is in the proximity of the nipples or exactly on these ones might be a matter of concern. Just for eliminating the possibility of being affected by Paget Disease, you should go to the doctor.
  • Fox Fordyce Disease - it might cause red spots on breast and it might also cause bumps in the genital area and the underarms. This condition is caused by clogged ducts in certain sweat glands. Bumps can be accompanied by itchiness and they are located close to hair follicles. The disease usually affects women under the age of 35.
  • Inflammation or infection of the skin - in some cases the breast tissue might become infected. Any small red bump on breast which appears out of the blue and seems to get larger is requiring medical assistance. In some cases it might be the sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Just like all types of cancer, the earlier this is diagnosed, the better for the sufferer. Changes in the breast tissue are usually nothing to take lightly. Skin infection can have a multitude of causes and can also result in red spots on breast. It can occur because of insect sharp vaginal pains bites or it can be determined by hot tub folliculitis, an infection caused by swimming in contaminated water.
  • Cherry angioma - it is a medical condition that occurs when growing older. It is inoffensive and it doesn't require any treatment. However, it is also irreversible. The red spots on breast are actually malformations of small blood vessels and are present in almost all elderly people.