10 Quick Home Remedies For Lost or Hoarse Voice 

If you are working as an anchor, singer, radio jockey or actor then losing voice could mean loss of job in short time. If your voice is your career then it is necessary for you to try everything to cure it. The condition could result from various changes in voice box or larynx that could take considerable time to heal or would take a lifetime to get solved without medical intervention. In almost 80% conditions the voice could be recuperated with some home remedies because the condition is caused mainly due to over stress or tension over the vocal cords. If you have two days for an important even then you could surely fix your hoarse or lost voice. How to fix lost voice is a great concern amongst singers because it might affect to their overall life as compared to other professions. The situation is also experienced when due to some medical conditions the voice box or larynx gets inflamed and produces result as hoarse voice or no voice temporarily. It also happens if the person is suffering from cold and cough where the person is having repeated cough spasms. Try these quick fixes to recuperate form the lost voice or disturbed voice in short time.

眉 The first thing to do is to stop talking or singing or whatever you do as a profession and even in home try to talk in lower decibels to provide full rest to your vocal cords and larynx. Also avoid talking in whispers because it disturbs the larynx further and enforces strain on the box.

眉 If your voice is distorted due to cold and cough then you should practice having steam every four hours to remove the mucus situated at the base of throat and clear the voice. It also tones the vocal cords to function smoothly but if taken with this frequency plus it involves no side effects to try. You could also have hot shower to sooth the cells externally while practicing steam internally.

眉 If you don't have caught then gargle your throat with the mixture of honey and lemon in the water. This seems to be effective in treating hoarse voice and lost voice if taken regularly. If you ask your grandma how to fix your voice she would probably advice to drink honey water with or without lemon because it's that effective.

眉 Drink hot liquids from time to time but this should not involve caffeine in any form and also escape tea if possible. You can have hot water, hot chocolate and other preparations to sooth the vocal cords. You could also have soups made of vegetables to regain the lost voice.

Forget about smoking or drinking alcohol if you want to know how to fix a lost voice because these two components could ruin your condition and would make the situation worst. Try these methods regularly what are the chances of getting pregnant from precum to gain the voice back as early as possible.